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We have lots of SEXY special events
Our Social Lounge and Bar, it's a great place to start the night
Our Cinema Room is very popular with groups
We have lots of play rooms, for you to have fun in !
Another of our many play areas, see our Gallery for more
Staying over ? Hotel Guests have use of our Jacuzzi Lounge
Our Hotel rooms are available all week, as well as weekends
Why not book a Hotel room, stay over and relax?

Stu & Nikki welcome you to their Swinging Club for, both established regulars and Newbie clientele.

When you are looking for a friendly, comfortable environment in which to have fun, you will find that Tease II Swinging Club will deliver for you every single time, because it has been designed and created by swingers for swingers.

Whether you are new to swinging and want to see what all the excitement is about or whether you were bitten by the swingers bug a while ago, Tease II is here to give you exactly what you want every time you visit, you can Find Us here.

You work hard so you need to relax and have time to enjoy yourself, we understand that here. So you will find a well stocked, fully licensed bar with friendly staff to serve you, it is a clean and well appointed club which caters for all tastes.


Please do check out our what’s on page for details of all the Events we are holding,  there you will find details of all our events for April, May and June 2014 at Tease II

We have our own accommodation on site.
One of the great things that makes Tease II extra special, is that you can also stay overnight, as there are 14 double en-suite rooms all with shower, free WiFi and the Jacuzzi sun lounge for residents use.
Our Hotel rooms are available all week as well as weekends £35 + VAT per Room, per night.
Why not take advantage of our Couples Weekend Special Rate package.


Our Gallery
We have a number of play rooms and play areas for you to explore. Don’t miss our large Cinema  Room or our One Way Viewing Window, they are just 2 of our hot favorites with many of our members.

Why not come and find out how friendly, welcoming and relaxed the clientele are at Tease II even if all you want is to watch and soak up the atmosphere, there is no obligation to join in at all but if you want to you’ll be made very welcome.

We will look forward to seeing you, along with our many regular friends, and if you are new to Tease II Swinging Club you will be give a personally guided tour by one of our Tease II Crew, around the club so that you know what is what and where everything is and you may ask any questions that you may have at anytime.


Nikki, Stu & the Tease II Crew look forward to welcoming you very soon whether you are beginners or existing clientele of our friendly and welcoming Swinging Club .